Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

This following weekend Mr. Amazing and I came across a flea market while on our usual adventures. We decided to take a look around and we found some really cool things! 

Apparently Hell's Kitchen Flea Market is very popular in NYC and we were lucky enough to find it!

During our search of treasures we came across an old gold glass bottle. It had a picture of George Washington on it and an eagle on the opposite side. I asked the man selling it he said it was used for holding alcohol. It looked cool enough to me so I grabbed it for a surprise gift for my dad (bottle collector).

Again we were on the look out for some more interesting finds. Mr. Amazing came across an old WWll backpack. A little bit of haggling later he is the proud owner of a WWll backpack!

Last but not least Mr. Amazing bought me a cute dream catcher bracelet since he knows I've kind of become obsessed with dream catchers.

Here are some pictures of our treasures!

Do you ever find awesome treasures at your local flea market?  Send some pictures! 

Fashionably Late



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Styles to Rock this Spring and Summer

Happy Tuesday Dazers! Spring is finally here and I think everyone around the country has gotten a taste of some warmer weather by this point! Today here in New York City it is rainy and dreary, but I know the sun and fun is on its way! 
Here are some trendy items to snatch up before spring and summer really get here and you will be the coolest girl on the block! (p.s. they are all available at Target)

One trend that will be very popular this summer will be exuma pants! These are flowly, lightweight, printed pants that are already popping up in stores. Here are a couple you can find at Target for $19.99. Great price for a trendy piece that might not stick around more than a couple of seasons. 

 I am not telling you anything new by saying that hats are going to be popular this summer nor am I telling you that fedoras are new fashion but they are also everywhere in every color. Again, I have found a couple at Target that are super cute and affordable at $12.99. If you buy these in neutral colors they will be acceptable for seasons to come and probably never go out of style. If you want something super trendy try a pop of color in the sash.

Now for a new trend that everyone is either super excited for or totally disgusted by. Overalls! Personally you would never see me sporting these, but I know some people who are on the hunt for the perfect pair. I found some for you at Target for $22.99 made by Mossimo Supply Co. These are defiantly a piece you won't want to break the bank on they probably won't be around very long.

A fun trend that has been trickling in from last summer is lace denim shorts. This look is easy to pull off paired with basically any top and some cute summer sandals. I found a pair for $19.99 at Target and I will even do a tutorial on how to make them at home if you are interested?! Leave a comment or email me and I will make a post! :) 

So these are just a few trends to be on the lookout for this Spring and Summer and of course I will post more as I see them! Hope you enjoyed! Which of these do you think you would like for the summer?
Fashionably Late, 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

Happy Thursday Dazers! I know I am one day late on Pinterest Picks of the Week, but they are just as good one day late! :) 

So, this week I have been particularly anxious for summer and warm weather to get here so I can finally start to explore this massive city that we are living in!

Here they are folks! 

The Brooklyn Bridge, I have only seen it from the Staten Island Ferry as of yet, but I am excited to walk across it this summer and take some great pics! 

 This light weight knit top with Aztec print is the perfect summer top for strolling around town checking out the sites! paired with a turq colored pair of shorts like this is adorable and even destroyed denim would fit great here. 

If you feel more comfortable wearing pants and its warm out choose a pair of exumas pants with a fun print! This is a perfect comfy summer style! 

Here is a pin that has a bunch of style options for you to choose from. My favorite is the hat and swimsuit! Summer please get here! 

This boho style skirt is also a perfect look for summer, ombre and crochet! Love love love! The feel of this skirt is just so relaxed and comfy!

This entire outfit is to die for! That hat is very boho and the long light weight scarf is perfect for spring and early summer. Jean jackets never go out of style in my book! 

 This lace top is also very Bohemian style and very fun for a summer look as well. Paired with some denim shorts or even a long jersey skirt this could be your go to look. 

I picked this pin because neon glowing body paint! I think I could totally utilize this during some music festivals this summer. Fun! 

This is a Guess dress that I pinned, I am in love with this summer dress the uneven hem is gorgeous and the lace racer back is a perfect accent! Swoon! 

Last but never least is this adorable dream catcher  bracelet! I have seen many versions of this on Etsy.com and am smitten with them! Since recently making my own dream catcher at home, I am very interested in getting .. or making some dream catcher jewelry.  Maybe a DIY post later this week! Check back!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Pins! 

Fashionably Late,